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PHP process for cron job 'stuck'

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Re: PHP process for cron job 'stuck'

We set up a test copy of our Moodle server.  The troubleshooting steps we followed were:

  1. Disable scheduled task which runs the cron job
  2. Move the files that were left in the trashdir folder when we last experienced this problem back to the trashdir folder
  3. Change run time of 'Cleanup files in trash' scheduled task to run in 5 minutes
  4. Change system date to 4 days ahead
  5. Run cron job from CLI
    It was at this point we were hoping to replicate the issue, but the cleanup files in trash task did not get stuck.  Instead the entire trashdir was deleted. 

Does anyone happen to know if this result is to be expected?  Would this indicate that the problem is not a specific file or file type? 

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Re: PHP process for cron job 'stuck'

We also receive the following message in our site's notification page:

The database is not using the expected READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT mode which can lead to wrong results, especially under high concurrency scenarios. Please enable it for correct behaviour. For further information, see the documentation Installing MSSQL for PHP.

Our next step is to enable READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT to see if that helps the issue.

Does anyone know if not having READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT enabled would cause this type of problem?


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