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Questions concerning development of a local plugin for taking a 'snapshot' site backup

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Re: Questions concerning development of a local plugin for taking a 'snapshot' site backup
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Size of site matters ... so you are wise to be concerned about using apache.  The sites I admin could be considered large *IF* one considered number of active users alone.   It's more a combination of factors, one of which is usage.   A K12 entity that has issued devices to all students and teachers have students use those devices pointed at moodle takes some heavy hits during the day.

All sites I maintain were installed with git and are maintained by git.   Have been doing the updates and upgrades via bash shell with combo of git and the scripts that reside in admin/cli/.   Even have those bash shell scripts to update or upgrade in Webmin's 'custom commands' for easy one click's.

The Moodle Admins of those sites care not to use command line ... some like to play with addons/plugins in their production server, even if I've attempted to discourage and have even setup a sandbox for them to try stuff out ... they still use production.   They even have limited access to Webmin's Custom commands and still won't take the time to do that! :\   So that's really the issue am trying to cover with snapshot.   They might click on a link in Moodle!!!!

Have used git only to update and upgrade .... never to 'roll back' a site.

By all means, share what you'd care to share ...

Funny, just today got a notice of an update available for a plugin.   Server using mdeploy and is a 3.1.highest .... the update was for a 3.2 or 3.3 and the update failed to pass checking (mdeploy bug?) 

Didn't see the screen seen before in previous versions of Moodle that suggested taking a snapshot.     So maybe this is all for nothing. :\

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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