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"Log in as" - still administrator view?

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"Log in as" - still administrator view?


We use Moodle as our staff intranet. In order to give a specific group of counsellors some privacy in their own forum inside a course, I have assigned local roles. The 4 counsellors are teachers, while the rest of the staff (also the management) are students. My idea was that the counsellors could hide their forum activity from everybody else by closing the eye.

However, when I log in as one of the managers, I can still see the forum and even open it.

How is this possible? In the course as such, everybody has a teacher role. Does this override my local forum roles?

Or does my administrator profile influence on the "log in as" view, so I still can see things that should be hidden otherwise?

Thank you.

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Re: "Log in as" - still administrator view?
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One the easiest ways to determine why an individual can or cannot access an activity is to use the "Check permissions" option in that activity's settings menu. Then you can select a user and see what their permissions allow them.


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