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Dicussion forum data in Moodle databases

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Dicussion forum data in Moodle databases

Dear All,

I want to know that in Moodle if a user interacts with a discussion forum created by the admin then how that data will be stored Moodle databases and how would I check the data stored in Moodle databases.  I need this for my research project. I am stuck at this point and need your assistance. Please guide me as soon as possible.


Awais Akbar


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Re: Dicussion forum data in Moodle databases
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Hi Awais,

Yes, all data are stored in Moodle database. But this forum is for Moodle Database activity only, I will move your question to the General Help forum...

Good luck.

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Re: Dicussion forum data in Moodle databases


The best way I know to get information on an individual forum is to use the Reports>Logs in the course page that the forum is located and choose all participants, all days, all changes, the appropriate forum as activity.  Then run the report. You will get a list that can be downloaded as Excel or a CSV file, put into a spreadsheet and then edited to delete any entries not needed.  There is a description of the type of entry in this list so it's pretty easy to tell who made the action and what type action was made.  Perhaps someone else knows more than I do.

I hope that helps.


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