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Assign roles relative to ALL users

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Assign roles relative to ALL users

Moodle Version 2.9.1

I'm seeking a way to give a user the ability to access the "Grade" report in the user profile for all users (Ideally it would allow access to all users taking any course within a specific category).


They have the the following permissions in the category with all of the courses and can access everything in the courses just fine.


Below I've logged in as the teacher who can't see the "Grade" Report who has the permissions listed above.


I was able to get the teacher to be able to see the "Grade" Report in the screen above by going to the student's profile > Preferences > Assign roles relative to this user > Teacher > then selecting the teacher.

While the above method works it's impractical to do for every student.

I'm looking for a way to "assign roles relative to all users" or an alternative way to give this teacher the ability see the "Grade" report for all users.

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