Importing Quiz Questions from MS Word

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Importing Quiz Questions from MS Word
Hi All,

We have been given a Microsoft Word document from an instructor and it consists of 668 questions. I have seen this post "Word template for making Moodle questionnaires in GIFT format" regarding the toolbar macro for converting the .doc file to gift format, however as useful as this is, it is extremely tedious for our purposes to stylize that many questions. I have also looked into converting this document to an XML file somehow and then importing that into Moodle.

I am not sure what the best/fastest approach may be. The XML file format is tricky because (I can do a find and replace for certain characters to input my XML tags) at this time, there is no mark to signify the beginning and end of a question and the beginning and end to answers. This is how a typical question looks (see below).

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Importing Quiz Questions from MS Word
I also would like this functionaliaty, and have looked but not found anything. I suspect others would also like to have this, since probably lots of tests exist in this format, that people would like to convert.
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Art Lader
Re: Importing Quiz Questions from MS Word
Documentation writers
Looks a little like the Aiken format. Maybe that is the way to go.

The Aiken format is a very simple way of creating multiple choice questions using a very clear human-readable format. Here is an example of the format:

What is the purpose of first aid?
A. To save life, prevent further injury, preserve good health
B. To provide medical treatment to any injured or wounded person
C. To prevent further injury
D. To aid victims who may be seeking help
-- Art
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Re: Importing Quiz Questions from MS Word
NOTE:  the letters of the answer choice MUST be capitals.  You can do a search and replace in your quiz in Word if you've used the more common lowercase letters.  then save as a .txt doc to import.
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Re: Importing Quiz Questions from MS Word
thanks a lot it worked for me...

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