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Program and Script Executions

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Program and Script Executions

I teach 80 kids and I am hosting my Moodle on a Siteground server. I have developed interactive content in my course and have added my co-teacher's course as a mirror of mine. My co-teacher teaches about 80 kids too. Lately, we have been using the website at the same time and we continuously get the message that we are exceeding our 20,000 program and script executions. This means that each child would have to click on my website an average of 111 times. I find this hard to believe. When I checked my stats the ones listed below are the most accessed. Is there anyway to lower the number of script and executions to my course? I am currently paying for this hosting plan out of my pocket and would like to not have to upgrade unless absolutely necessary. By the way my students are loving my Moodle website. Thanks for making such a great product!!!!

/home/tmaddox4/public_html/lib/ajax/service.php121 182
/home/tmaddox4/public_html/theme/image.php24 369
/home/tmaddox4/public_html/theme/yui_combo.php20 787
/home/tmaddox4/public_html/pluginfile.php19 187

Thank you for you help with this matter!

Teresa Maddox

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Re: Program and Script Executions
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Cleary this is a restriction made by your hosting company. I have no idea how they calculate this or over what time period this limit is imposed. 

However, Moodle is a BIG bit of software. It has just short of 20,000 separate files. Although they will never all load at the same time I don't find this message entirely surprising. 

All of those files you mention are used all over the place and will be executed huge numbers of times. 

Find a different host or ask them how to lift the restriction. 

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Re: Program and Script Executions

Following...I have the exact same problem with Siteground. I'm not even close to hitting the limits in any other area, but the script execution limit is just KILLING us. I had to switch away from Bluehost because some goofy server-side software issue was causing Moodle to process images incorrectly, and I'd really rather avoid switching hosts mid-year. Anyone figured out how to make things work with Siteground?

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Re: Program and Script Executions

Yep, I have the same problem with Siteground. We started using Database and the executions are sky high!

Come on Moodle Super Geeks!  Any suggestions on how to limit script executions?

Help. . . . please. . . 

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