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Get number of accesses and other data in Configurable Reports with SQL

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Get number of accesses and other data in Configurable Reports with SQL

Hello everyone, I am using the Configurable Reports to get some values of the students, among the options provided by the pluginya I can obtain the following data: uername, name, time dedicated to the course, activities seen, shipments in activities, Number of revenues to the platform. These values are very easy to get them with the plugin, the problem that I need an extra column that is the group to which the student belongs within the course that I did not find within the options.

I am doing the query by SQL to get these same values and append the data that intesera me the group to which belongs, but I have problems getting the time dedicated to the course, and the number of income to the course, someone could guide me how can I get these Values using SQL?

I leave the current query that I am managing to obtain some values:

SELECT  u.username AS matricula,
        CONCAT(u.firstname,  ' ', u.lastname) AS Nombre,
        c.fullname AS Curso, AS Grupo,
            WHEN u.lastlogin = 0 THEN '-'
            ELSE from_unixtime(u.lastlogin)
        END AS 'Ultimo ingreso'
FROM prefix_user u
    INNER JOIN prefix_user_enrolments ue ON ue.userid =
    INNER JOIN prefix_enrol e ON = ue.enrolid
    INNER JOIN prefix_role_assignments r ON = r.userid
    INNER JOIN prefix_context ctx ON = r.contextid AND contextlevel = 50
    INNER JOIN prefix_course c ON = ctx.instanceid AND
    INNER JOIN prefix_course_categories cc ON = c.category
    INNER JOIN prefix_groups g ON g.courseid =
    INNER JOIN prefix_groups_members gm ON gm.groupid = AND gm.userid =

%%FILTER_ROLE: r.roleid%%
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