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Plugin translations are not updated

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Plugin translations are not updated
Hi, I am translating in French the customcert plugin.
So I add my translations in the  'lang/fr/customcert.php' translation  file, see this commit.

I saw on moodle site that some of my translations wasn't refreshed (not the last string I type in the translation file), so I clear cache using:
but the old translation is still here.

After running a grep command, I saw that this translation came from files located in 'moodledata':
Here I search the french word 'apportera' that shouldn't been displayed anymore in my translation:

grep -rl apportera  /vagrant/shared/moodledata/

How can I fix that ?

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Re: Plugin translations are not updated
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Hi Benoît,

It's always good to have people making translations.

But i think you don't do it the "good" (Moodle) way. You'd better use AMOS for Moodle translations (and look at AMOS french documentation).

"Official" translations being in language packs, you have to update your language packs to have the latest translations (which by default is automated since several Moodle version).

Don't hesitate to come on the "Moodle en français" course, there's even a forum dedicated to translation wink


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Re: Plugin translations are not updated

Hi Séverin,

ok I will consider AMOS. I am a little disappointed not to be able to contribute directly on github.

thanks for your answer,



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