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Integration round 2017-08-24 - perfection is unreachable, isn't it?

One poor developer...
Integration round 2017-08-24 - perfection is unreachable, isn't it?
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Cold numbers:

32 issues have been successfully integrated with 0 rejected and 1 delayed. That's 3 times 100% success this month, any bet about September?


  • Remember our "Moodle Development" public calendar, where all the main events (releases, freeze, QA testing, countdowns...) use to be. Of course, there is also an ical link to get subscribed to it. Finally, here there is a brief preview of the main next dates to be considered:
    • In 2 weeks (September 11th), we'll be releasing next minor releases with latest bug and security issues fixed.
    • In 6 weeks (October 9th), Moodle 3.4 code freeze will happen. One week later its QA cycle will begin.
    • In 11 weeks (November 13th), if everything is working as expected, Moodle 3.4 will be released.
    • Time flies, fun!
  • Don't forget to proactively label the issues when reporting, triaging, fixing, integrating or testing them. There are a number of processes hanging of those labels (user and dev documentation, release notes...) and it's always better to label in excess than missing them.
  • Right now there are 41 issues awaiting peer review, let's try to process at very least all those being good candidates for 3.4.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-57412 : Make the linked course sections setting to work consistently (esp. under Boost themes).
  • MDL-57246 : Fix broken page problem visiting forums.
  • MDL-57775 : xmlrpc client/encode problems solved.
  • MDL-59784 (and others) : Fixed various problems with modals that were leading to incorrect behaviors and random testing failures.
  • And lots more in areas like calendar, user management, analytics, javascript, forms library...

Warm thanks:

  • To Cameron Ball, from Moodle HQ. Coding warlock, functional alchemist, testing virtuoso, algorithm illusionist. Thanks!

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it takes the intersections of people with

courage, vision, and resources.

-- Dean Kamen

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