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Default Dashboard ignores 'hide' setting of blocks?

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Re: Default Dashboard ignores 'hide' setting of blocks?
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Did you try this?

The additional blocks on dashboard like private files, online users, latest badges, calendar and upcoming events are now visible only to admin and teachers and are hidden from students.

The setting for this is done as follows

  1. Go to Site Admin -> Appearance -> Default Dashboard page;

  2. Turn blocks editing on

  3. Click on the settings icon for 'Private files' block

  4. Click on 'Permissions'

  5. In the row 'View block', under col 'Prohibited', add 'Students', 'Authenticated user on front page', 'Authenticated user' and then click on 'Back to block: Private files' at the bottom

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the other blocks, i.e, calendar, latest badges etc.

  7. After this, click on 'Reset dashboard for all users option' (available besides the 'Blocks editing' option)

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