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My Review of Moodle 3.2/3.3 and wish list.

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Re: My Review of Moodle 3.2/3.3 and wish list.
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My website is a website that is designed to teach Hebrew to English

speakers.  So a majority of the text is English, but for a lot of items I

need Hebrew, especially when I am doing exercises where it is "match the

Hebrew word to the English word." or I need to add words in a glossary as

either Hebrew words or English words.

Moodle is designed to handle websites that are 100% English or 100%

Hebrew.  It is when the two languages are both needed in the same website,

same page, and even same quiz question, that things become an issue.  I

changed the code in the library in the quiz plugin directory so that all

"edit" boxes are "textedit" boxes.  That solved the problem for quizzes,

but now I have to do the same thing for the glossary (and any other edit

box where I want Hebrew text to be typed in).
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