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Minimum source for simple form

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Minimum source for simple form


I'm new in developing plugins for Moodle and I'm stumpling up on the most easy problem. I tried to use the simple form api. The easiest thing was just the follwing code in my view.php

$mform = new mod_subrooms_mod_form();


My form definition looks like this:

class mod_subrooms_mod_form extends moodleform {

public function definition() {

  global $CFG;

  $mform = $this->_form;




In Moodle I can see my submit button, but when I push it I just get an error message ("Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: notlocalisederrormessage").

I filled up the source code in my view.php with the surrounding 

if ($mform->is_cancelled()) {

} else if ($mreturn=$mform->get_data()) {

} else {



No effect, I added rules, the validation function in my form-class - again no effect.

I looked to other plugins but I can find no significant difference.

My question is, what is the minimum code not to get an error message while using the simple form api?

Thanks for helping,


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