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What would be the best approach to extend core calendar?

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What would be the best approach to extend core calendar?

Hello guys,

Although I'm a PHP developer for some years I recently started doing some custom Moodle plugins for the company I work for.  I have a couple of questions regarding the best approach to take, that you guys might be able to help me.

I created a plugin that is able to track event attendance on moodle official calendar, however I don't know how to override the calendar render/layout without editing the core plugin it self. What would be the best approach to this ? Is it possible to extend the core calendar (specially the layout) without touching the base code on a local plugin?

Regarding other extension I'm developing .. I've made an integration between moodle calendar and hsubforums to automatically create an discussion post in the forums each time an event is created. Unfortunately, I override the core calendar files in order to make this possible. Would the best approach be the creation of local plugin that subscribes event creation Event (does this event exists at all?) and then generates the discussion?

Those questions might sound stupid, but I just want to make sure that I'm developing plugins that can be easily maintainable and easily installed in further moodle versions that might come.

Best Regards,

Joao Almeida

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