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Issue with exporting (or importing IMSCC)

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Issue with exporting (or importing IMSCC)

Using: 3.3.1+ (Though i downloaded a fresh 3.4 on spare server and tried this)

We have a lot of internally created courses (to moodle), and someone wanted a CC (imscc) formatted file.

- I used the Backup course option, selected the Common Cartridge button, and left everything else vanilla

Just to test it :

- I go to the restore section in moodle, click restore on the imscc file, it recognizes it as IMSCC, tells me its going to convert it.. 

- I click "Continue", then "Restore as new course",  and it comes up with a screen that says:

"Exception - Cannot use string offset as an array"

So i backed it up as an MBZ, restored it to a fresh moodle install, and it all worked correctly.

This has happened with every one of our internally generated courses.


-  Are there any more detailed logs somewhere? (I was looking for a php_errors.log somewhere).

- Is there some magic sauce for being able to export to imscc?  The courses are pretty small and tame (nothing wierd that i can see)


-- Additional Info ---

With full debugging on, get :

Warning: Illegal string offset 'I_54E3A197_R' in XXXXXXX/moodle/backup/cc/entity11.quiz.class.php on line 104

Stack trace:

line 104 of /backup/cc/entity11.quiz.class.php: Error thrownline 30 of /backup/cc/entity11.quiz.class.php: call to cc11_quiz->generate_instances()line 158 of /backup/cc/cc112moodle.php: call to cc11_quiz->generate_node_question_categories()line 84 of /backup/cc/cc112moodle.php: call to cc112moodle->create_node_question_categories()line 104 of /backup/converter/imscc11/lib.php: call to cc112moodle->generate_moodle_xml()line 129 of /backup/converter/convertlib.php: call to imscc11_converter->execute()line 209 of /backup/util/helper/convert_helper.class.php: call to base_converter->convert()line 462 of /backup/controller/restore_controller.class.php: call to convert_helper::to_moodle2_format()line 92 of /backup/restore.php: call to restore_controller->convert()
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Re: Issue with exporting (or importing IMSCC)
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Hi Brad,

I notice that the documentation IMS Common Cartridge import and export says that only certain activity types can be exported to IMS CC and that Quiz has only partial support.

As your debugging message mentions quiz, I guess you've unfortunately run in to something which can't yet be exported to IMS CC.

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