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Changing Status

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Changing Status

Hi, fellows. I am currently working on a course developed in Animate CC Canvas, wich outputs a HTML5 file.

In my previous job we used it a lot and, at the end of each lesson, we put a javascript code to let de LMS "know" that the lesson was complete. The LMS was called Ateneus. It wasn't Moodle, so the code does not work, I'm guessing.

In this other job they know nothing about it and all the work I already made is not seen as "complete" by the LMS (which is Moodle now). Moodle checks it as seen, but it labels it as 0% complete.

I know very little javascript and my IT department knows nothing about that aspect of e-learning.

Does anyone here know how to change the advance status of a course, through javascript? Please help.

PS: for what is worth, the code that used to work on that previous job was the following:

this.button02.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_34);

function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_34() {"/ateneus/Lesson_Student/track.aspx?flagFromLesson=1", "leftFrame");

By the way, "button02" was the instance name of the button that activated the code and "ateneus" was the name of the LMS that hosted the course.

The SCORM version is 1.2 in both cases.

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