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weird behaviour of lib/requirejs.php

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Re: weird behaviour of lib/requirejs.php

Several additions to the description :

Issue comes also on other javascript aggregators such as yui_combo.php with following symptoma :

   * Script loads truncated with a leading hex code (e.g. 1abe9),, then the truncated part

Turned to nginx servicing with CGI php :

   * No change in behaviour (this eliminates web server desease)

Conclusion : no web agent implication, no server implication. What remains ?

I started rebuilding a new code base with last 3.1.7+ and launched upgrade. The upgrader noticed some of my tables were still in Antelope (no idea how i could miss the format conversion before !). After compressing tables, the script loading errors stopped. The amd typical design errors are much better reported).

Maybe this stops the topic...

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