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Moodle themes from scratch and connection with HTML pages

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Moodle themes from scratch and connection with HTML pages

Hi everyone, i'm new on the moodle world, i'm working on create a completely different way to see the moodle, so i need to create a theme to make specific objects and links to show to the user, additionaly use HTML with javascript or php to implement a couple of features. 

Anyway i have a lot of questions, moodle has a lot of information and i don't know how to achive my ideas, so there is someone who can help me to go to the right direction?

I know a little things of moodle, like use it blocks, or extend a existing theme, and other things like those, but i need something less limiteded to change everything of the look of moodle, for example, i want the front page of a student show him my recomendations of courses to enroll, in the same front page i want tho show him a limitet of courses that he has alredy enrolled, another example, is get specific data from a user to store it and call it from a database, that data is for personalization purpose like an avatar, so i think to use html/php page for do it and when the data is stored redirect to the front page of moodle, and then use for example that avatar for the user.

So if anyone can help my, i'll really apreciated it.

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