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TinyMce Editor Problem!

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TinyMce Editor Problem!

Hello Friends.. I need your Help or Suggestion

I have Installed Moodle 3+

I'm trying to change the default editor to TinyMce, but having problems (Default editor not changed)

I went To:

Site Administration > Plugins > Text Editors > Manage Editors and Choose TinyMCE HTML editor as default (It's first in the list, I also disabled other editors. See Attached Img.)... But the editor not changed to TinyMce...

I also changed in User Menu > Preferences > Editor preferences to TinyMce (After that I cleared the theme caches and Purged all caches too).

Editor is not changed!

What is the problem is it Bug or I'm doing something incorrectly..

How to fix This Issue?

Thank you in advanced

P.S. I have the same result in Moodle 3+ Default theme and In Academy theme too

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Re: TinyMce Editor Problem!

HI Max

Please change your theme and try again.

Let me know if it is working. 

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Re: TinyMce Editor Problem!

Hello Rai... 

Worked... Thanks

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