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connecting netbeans with moodle

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connecting netbeans with moodle

Can anyone put me through how i can connect netbeans with my moodle site.  This is because i want to develop a custom plugin and also where can i get the required files to develop a plugin / block


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Re: connecting netbeans with moodle
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I am not entirely sure what you mean by connect, but I use Netbeans and I'll tell you what I do. If I am running a local web server I create a project with existing source and point it to the folder on my local machine where the source is. 

If I am using a remote machine then I setup FTP so that each time I make any change the updated file gets sent via FTP to the server. That is useful if for example you use Windows locally but Linux remotely.  If you use the FTP route you may get out of sync and so the code locally will not be the same as remotely. 

Netbeans is well documented, what resources have you found so far.

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Re: connecting netbeans with moodle

Hi Louis

You need to follow some step to connect NetBeans with your Moodle site.

1) Go to your NetBeans Click on File -> New Project.

2) Go to PHP click on "PHP Application with Existing Sources" then click Next. 

3) Go to Sources Folder click on "Browse" then select your Moodle folder(it can find your server directory ). 

4)Click on Finish.

If you want to create block follow below link.

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