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Need Advice on Enrol Plugin to Activate Sitewide

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Need Advice on Enrol Plugin to Activate Sitewide
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Hello All,

What is best practice for this scenario:  We have an enrollment plugin (Easy Enroll) and we have a script to activate it sitewide on every course.  The activate.php script puts this enrollment method into every course. 

Do we trigger the script on activation of the plugin sitewide?  Do we put a button in SiteAdmin settings that would allow choice in triggering sitewide? Can we do both in case courses remove the enrollment method?

This plugin is unique in that there is an enrollment form presented on the Moodle homepage (with Fordson theme) which relies on the plugin being active in every course.  For new sites this can be activated when the course is created, but on existing sites with lots of courses you would need to add the Easy Enrollment method to each and every course.  

Please advise on how to proceed.

Many thanks,


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