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Boost: Customizing flat navigation

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Boost: Customizing flat navigation

I would like to change the appearance (and behaviour) of the flat navigation (in courses). The following changes would help a lot to give the navigation a better usability.

1) Changing the appearance of single links: after introducing a new function or a new course topic, I would like to highlight the new menu item. Like that, learners can see what has changed and what is new. I could do this by adding custom CSS, but there is no id for links that I could use. Do you have any Ideas how I could achieve my goal?

2) Having quite large courses with 20+ topics the navigation becomes very long and crowded. I would like to introduce a sub-navigation with let's say 4-5 topics which are grouped under a main topic. Are there any examples where that kind of structure is used in the navigation? Or are there any other possible ways to work around this problem which I may not be aware of?

3) Removing single links from navigation: I would like to move some links from the main navigation to custom navigation. Is there a way to do so? If there would be an ID for each link I could remove the link via CSS. 

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