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Missing course sections option

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Re: Missing course sections option


thank you. So let me get this straight, there is now no limit to the number of topic boxes in a course. We are no longer constrained to no more than 52?

On one of the links you have supplied it does say:- 

'Site administration settings

An administrator can set course default settings in Administration > Site administration > Courses > Course default settings.

The maximum number of weeks/topics may be set for all courses on the site. The default value is 52.'

I am the admin, and I have set that - 52. Seems to have no impact whatsoever. If that is how it is meant to be then I'm happy and all is well, I was just surprised by it and didn't want to set myself up for a huge disaster somewhere down the line.

For info - I tried a different theme because in the past they always said if something didn't work, fall back to the standard theme in case it was the theme messing something up, hence I tried more than one theme just in case.

Thank you

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