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Add new header across all course pages

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Add new header across all course pages


We currently have Moodle 2.7, I have been asked to add a new section to all Moodle courses, this information is in a text format template and about a page of a4 at the most-probably less. Each lecturer has to then amend the template on their own course page. I estimate there are 300 plus course pages that need this adding to. I do want to do it manually, I can only think of importing it- but this is still labour intensive and will also involve a lot of moving of the section as it needs to be at the very top of each course page. Has someone got any ideas as I do not relish doing this "long hand".

There has been a suggestion about coding but this is way out my league but wondered if anyone could assist or had a similar issue

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Re: Add new header across all course pages
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Hi Marc,

I would suggest installing and using Justin Hunt's Snippet (Atto) tool.

You could create a snippet of your text format template, then tell each lecturer to add it to their own course page, making amendments as needed. That way you only have to make "one" item and let them do the 300 plus "page" entries.

If you already have the Generico or PoodLL filter installed, you could use them the same way.

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