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Starting to work my first Moodle-based platform

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Starting to work my first Moodle-based platform


I am about to start implementing my first Moodle-based platform in a project that has quite a strict schedule (1.5 months). Our group aims to do a demo which has some features like course recommendation system, custom-made chat application and maybe some data visualization. Moodle seems to have the best features for educational purposes, but the source code looks a bit terrifying, and my biggest concern is the front-end, how to create my custom user interface on top. What would be the best way to implement custom layout with custom CSS there for the whole site? In other words, to wipe everything out and start creating totally new.

I have got familiar with /dev-documentation, but the big image is maybe a bit unclear for me. I am ok with this block-concept, but is there possibility to code something outside of them?

Considering my problem and "assignment" any help/tips how to get started is appreciated.



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Re: Starting to work my first Moodle-based platform
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HI Sami 

My ears perked up when you said the word "chat". I use the VM Chat module.

Installation wiki here.

The developers claim "It has almost no overhead on Moodle server but rather uses Vidya Mantra servers secured with SSL certificate for it's operation." Highly recommended. There. Your mountain of work is slowing being chipped away.

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