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Removing the Dashboard

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Removing the Dashboard


I want to gain more control over the drawer, and right drop down menu. My current solution is a hack, and I'd appreciate some guidance to ensure it's done right. It all started with just trying to hide 'Dashboard' from the menus. However, I've also decided to remove calendar and private files (add_front_page_course_essentials).

I was hoping to use a mustache template, anytime the string Dashboard is found it skips the row. Or, even better a simple list I can define. Nevertheless, I failed with both of those attempts. Hence, the hacks below. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Drawer hack - line 1226 - lib/navigationlib.php 

  • - $this->add_front_page_course_essentials($this->rootnodes['site'], $SITE); //Removes Calendar and Private files
  • + $this->rootnodes['home']->showinflatnavigation = false; // Removes Dashboard

Right dropdown menu

  • .dropdown-menu-right{ display:none; /* Removes Dashboard */}


Private files can be removed using user policies by defining the role of authenticated user (search for private uncheck everything).

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Re: Removing the Dashboard

I have the same question - 

How to remove or hide from students the calendar, private files, profile... basically everything but log in, log out and the link to the course the logged in user is enrolled in.

We are using a Moodle site for exams only so don't want the examinees confused or distracted by options that have nothing to do with the exam itself.

Hoping there is a way to do this without re-writing a pile of code :-O

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Re: Removing the Dashboard
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at least (with NO code) you can :

  • completly deactivate some things you don't use (like badges, blogs, messaging...)
  • hide some blocks from "Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks"
  • deactivate items in the user menu : "Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme settings", then "customusermenuitems".


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Re: Removing the Dashboard
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To remove the Private files and other sections in the Navigation drawer in the Boost theme use this plugin:

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Re: Removing the Dashboard

just use CSS to hide menu items, for example:

#nav-drawer {

  [data-key="privatefiles"], [data-key="badgesview"], [data-key="2"], [data-key="25"], [data-key="26"] {

    display: none;



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