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Skype for business into Moodle

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Skype for business into Moodle

All students in the school have office365 accounts,

I wanted to know how can I integrate Skype for business into Moodle so the teacher can open an online meeting from the Moodle course and not from Skype GUI and in addition limit it to be available only to the students in the same course.

Does this sound possible? Is there any way to integrate it?


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Re: Skype for business into Moodle
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mmm I am sure there is a way, but have you considered Big Blue Button? Moodle alone does not do a voice/video but has developed a closer working relationship with BBB that allows group chats, online conferencing etc, without MS-Big Brother looking over your shoulder.

For me, that is its own recommendation.  

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Re: Skype for business into Moodle
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There is a Skype plugin for Moodle 3.1 and below. Basically, it installs as a block anywhere you want it in Moodle. When accessed it just lists all users and their Skype ID along with five buttons, Create Conference, Create Chat, Send Voicemail, Add Contact and Send File. When a user clicks one of the buttons it actually activates that function in Skype and not in Moodle.

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Re: Skype for business into Moodle


the free office 365 has an integration, but last time I checked it wouldn't work with the paid for Office 365. If you do get it to work we would be very interested too.

It was about a year ago when I was checking it.



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