adding image to course category page

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adding image to course category page

Hi all 

We are on 3.2. The site uses essential theme. I'm wondering how to achieve a departmental logo appear on the course category index page (not a custom logo/icon for each category which I have already been able to via settings)? Each course category would have a unique departmental logo that appears in the top left corner of /course/index.php?categoryid=1,2, etc).

(As an aside in case it impacts the answer, I plan on using a different theme for each category, but basing it on the essential theme. Really all I'm trying to do is achieve a custom color palette for each category, based on the identical theme. Ultimately I would envision categories with forced themes of "essential-Eng dept", "essential-Hist dept" etc  I'm working my way through the steps to duplicate a theme and apply it to the site)


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Gareth J Barnard
Re: adding image to course category page
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Hi Tiffany,

For the departmental logo you can either make a new layout for the 'coursecategory' layout as specified in config.php and add in markup etc. for a solution or workout some CSS solution based on the category type classes in the body tag.

If you want a custom colour per category etc. then you really need to just have the separate colour settings part of the theme duplicated in a theme / child theme.  Pulling apart Essential for this would be a nightmare.  Cloning the theme will take you time and even more so lots of maintenance time every time I make changes / improvements.  I do create child themes (I know this is a commercial answer but not against forum rules as an answer to a question) for a fee for Essential that allow specific settings already in Essential to be overridden and have different values whilst still applying the settings not overridden and specified in the parent theme.  However as stated, there is a charge for creating the child theme and that depends on your exact requirements.

Kind regards,


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