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Hi Res

Two corrections to my previous post.
- Yes, I meant S5 http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/ (that M5 was a typo)

- When I said "HTML for the screen" meaning HTML in broader sense, I should have also mentioned templates, CSS, JavaScript and many other!

You said:
> The S5 package [...] rendered very nicely on a range of browsers, [...]. The big drawback is the lack of a convenient WYSIWYG presentation editor - you have to understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript and edit the raw HTML of your presentation.

I thought having no GUI is the whole idea. Not to get distracted in presentation details rather concentrate on the structure and content. The framework will look after the design/layout. The same reason for LaTeX, for example. Anyway the discussion GUI or no GUI will take us off topic.

Back to topic, you wrote:
> For many of us, I think the problem is that we need to have one document do multiple jobs. We need to:
> Present in a face-to-face lecture, with a slideshow to keep us on track and show visual materials Present online, in both webinars and recorded format
> Allow students to view the material online,
> ...

I would say, not _one_ document which does all, rather one _source_ document which can be converted to different final formats. That is a much bigger problem than creating screen-only (HTML & Co) documents. If people have given up on that and fall back to Powerpoints, no point in talking about advance work-flows.

So, we meet in "Teaching with Moodle", talking about converting Powerpoints! (to what?)
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