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HTTP 500 error after Backup/Restore

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Re: HTTP 500 error after Backup/Restore
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Well, guess I missed 'already upgraded to 3.0.9 ...' ... which is also still behind and no longer getting fixes and updates for anything ... but you know that.

I do re-call there being issues with certain role conflcts (superuser/course creator?) on restores, but not on backups - and not error 500's.

Windows systems use 'Administrator' as super user ... there is a config.php line that dictates 'admin' in Moodle being admin in moodle ... supposedly not to confuse WinDoze whose system admin might have changed 'Administrator' to 'admin'.
$CFG->admin = 'admin';

Dunno if that would be a factor or not ... again ... don't do Windoze.

Approach to backing up .... check to see who on the system has superuser/admin rights.  Write them down.   Go into troubled courses.   See if those users are also assigned as course creators or Teachers in the course.   Remove those  users .... leaving only the students.

Try a backup.

What are you using for authentication?   On Windoze would assume LDAP.   Are there any users in troubled courses that are authenticating with something other than LDAP?

Moodle either does all users or none ... nothing in between - no user select list.

IF one can get a .mbz backup and restore fails ... might be due to roll conflict.   I've had to un-gizip an old backup, edit users.xml removing the user ID'd as having a conflicting role (Moodle doesn't tell you which user ... just that there is a role conflict), then re-gzipped the backup making sure moodle_backup.xml is at the root of the gzip compressed file.   Then, and only then, would the course restore.

Still however, that situation didn't throw a 500 error. ?????

what happens if you make a no user ... no students no work no assignments no files ... no teacher ... backup of a troubled course?

What addons do you have installed?

Am nearing ropes end here and some of what I might suggest just might send you down a rabbit hole ... illusive 'wabbit' (Elmer Fudd here).

Shame shame on Windows experts in these forums.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: HTTP 500 error after Backup/Restore

Hello again. 

Sorry for the delay. I've gotten sidetracked. 

1) v.3.0.9 is the present version in use and plans to modernize again will commence in the near future. 

2) The $CFG->admin variable has never changed from 'admin' and I don't suspect this would be the cause of the problem as other errors would likely have appeared prior to this backup problem. 

3) Yes, we are using LDAP on this site for login authentication. I will investigate whether this has any effect on enrolled users in courses during the backup process. 

4) A troubled course will successfully backup if I remove the 'Include enrolled users' setting during the backup initial settings page. All other settings are inconsequential. 

I'll post more information as it becomes available. 

Thank you again. 


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