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Unable to Manually Mark a Course Complete

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Re: Unable to Manually Mark a Course Complete

Here's exactly what I mean ... this a test user and course ... screenshots attached


This is the student's view showing that the student has completed all sections of this course


This is the view of the Details from the Course Completion Block for this user - note no parts of the course are showing as having been completed. cron.php is running every 5-minutes for this test so it should have cycled by now. It also shows that the manager has marked the student complete for this course.


Shows completion report for this course. This user (SD) shows as completing "All" Activities, Approval from Manager, and yet No Completion. How is this possible if the check marks are there? Maybe because the details view has no record of completions for any part of the course? If so, how does the completion report get the checks it shows?


Note the user FI he only needs the manager's approval to be complete - which he has - but still no completion shown.

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