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Create an ILP for students?

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Create an ILP for students?

Hi all,

I would like to create an ILP type system where the teacher will have some questions written e.g. What are your short term goals? What are your long term goals? and the student will write their answer. 

Once the student submits their answer they should not be able to edit it. Further questions should be able to be added by the teacher and they would be visible to all the students but of course the answers would not be. 

The teacher will also have a section where they can write their notes and they can be seen by the student but they can't edit it.

My question is how can this be done, or something very similar?

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Create an ILP for students?
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Use Moodle's Database activity. You can add the questions as fields.

To prevent students from editing their submissions, remove the "Edit" icon from the templates.

To prevent students from seeing each other's answers, "require approval" (in the database's settings), then remove the "Approve" icon from the templates.

To allow a teacher to write notes, simply enable comments in the database's settings. This will be visible to the student who has submitted it.

If you need any further help, let me know..

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