Moodle community sites is now using OAuth 2 authentication

Picture of Helen Foster is now using OAuth 2 authentication
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Just to let you all know, OAuth 2 authentication is now enabled on, allowing users to log in using their Google account (and coming soon, their Microsoft or Facebook account).

For new users, when they log in using their Google account, a account is created automatically for them.

If you have an account already on and you'd like to be able to log in using your Google account, please go to your Linked logins page (via your Preferences page) and add your Google account.

If you have any feedback about this new feature, or notice anything which could be improved, please let us know, either by posting here or by creating an issue in the Moodle Tracker.

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Picture of Ewout ter Haar
Re: is now using OAuth 2 authentication

Wow, this was an amazingly smooth process, congratulations to everybody involved.

I wondered: in other sites where I log in with Google, I get presented with a permissions screen (see below what happens at Edmodo), but not here. I guess Moodle doesn't need any permissions at this point?

I think I understand it: the permission to access Drive, for example, is asked for when I start using the Drive repository in the file picker. That seems like an excellent UX choice.

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