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Gender specification in moodle

Gender specification in moodle


is there somewhere moodle stored the user's gender? in the database or anywhere else?
I can't seem to find such a field in the "user" database table.

I'm using moodle 3.1

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Re: Gender specification in moodle
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Uhhh ... you've posted in the developer forum.   Was that the intent?  Are you a developer?

Just in case you aren't, not sure developers have the time to respond, so am stepping in here to respond as you might wait a long time for a true developer response. ;)

No where of which I am aware.

However, please see:

Link at the bottom goes to a video for Customer Profile fields.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: Gender specification in moodle
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Do you really need to record gender?  - Make sure you understand the reasons for recording this information.  You should be careful to comply with equality policies and human rights legislation in your country. A quick search found this document that looks quite good:

In particular I'd look at the section titled "Why collect data on gender?"

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Re: Gender specification in moodle

OP is in Australia and may need to record gender (someplace, not necessarily in Moodle if they also have an SIS) if needing to comply with certain legislation such as AVETMISS reporting.

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Re: Gender specification in moodle

I feel a need to intervene here. Moodle is first and foremost English oriented and as such it has some blind spots here and there.

For example, the whole RTL issue. Even in the code, the "left" class will float the element to the right on an RTL site, and a more current example, until a recent fix, when using a keyboard to move inside the navigation block, you needed to remember to press the RIGHT arrow key in order to open a branch.

Another example is the language. The English language is gender-less in many aspects, but there are plenty other languages out there that are more gender specific. Since we can't all be Sweden (look up "hen") some adjustments are needed to be made in order to avoid a `single gender` approach.

A gender field can make a difference even only on the interface level, where a female user will receive a site that display data to her, and not to a `male` her.

It's the little things etc.

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