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Moodle, Unoconv, Windows

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Moodle, Unoconv, Windows

Ok, time to take this off of the back burner and figure out how to get this to work as my deadline for launching our new Moodle server is less than a month away. 

UNOCONV is not working on my Windows install of Moodle. I had started a different thread on this but it got long and off topic so I'm starting over.

Has ANYONE been able to get UNOCONV to work in Moodle on a Windows server?

First off here's my setup:

  • Moodle 3.2.2 (Build: 20170313)
  • Windows Server 2012, R2
  • IIS 8
  • MSSQL for the dbase
  • PHP version 7.0.17
  • Libreoffice version 5
  • UNOCONV v .7

Here's the situation:

Unoconv converts documents perfectly if I log in to our server and use the command line to convert test documents. It also works in the command line if I use my unoconv.bat file that was created following the directions for the Unoconv Windows install and append to the CLI command the path to the file I want to convert.

The paths for Unoconv and Ghost are correct in the Moodle admin panel.

Ghost tests out as working perfectly in the Moodle admin panel

The Unoconv path to my .bat file tests as being correct in the Moodle Admin panel, but when you click the "Download the converted pdf test file" link in the "Test Unoconv path" screen it says "Failed to load PDF document". In the upper left corner it says "testunoconv.php"

Needless to say uploaded documents in assignments open as a blank white page in the grading screen.

Again, has ANYONE been able to get UNOCONV to work on a Windows server? I've spent WAY too much time trying to debug this so any help would be very much appreciated!

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Re: Moodle, Unoconv, Windows

Anyone? Anyone?

Or should I just wait until version 3.3 and hope it works in the new version?

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Re: Moodle, Unoconv, Windows

I hope this helps someone else. I ran into a similar problem, but our environment is Linux. Despite the differences in Windows and Linux, the solution for me was to get a service running the unoconv --listener. Here is where I found the solution for Linux:

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Re: Moodle, Unoconv, Windows
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Personally, I don't think unoconv is stable enough for a production site. It's single threaded, so one failed conversion brings the whole thing down.

You probably want to give this a try...

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Re: Moodle, Unoconv, Windows

I sadly agree with your assessment. Unoconv has stopped working on our Moodle 3.3 installation running on Debian 9 and I can't find the source of the problem... sad

Unfortunately Google Drive is an absolut no go for us, because of privacy concerns. Giving a company (outside EU data privacy legislation) access to all submissions isn't allowed at our university and IMHO for good reason.


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