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Uploading android applications

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Uploading android applications

We are working in Early-Literacy learning by only using tablets in rural areas to upgrade the level of literacy in the first level primary education. Recently we upgrade Tablet based Community learning in to digital integrated learning, where we can reach as many more communities and regions as possible. Having this in mind we start using the Moodle platform . This E-Learning platform will be our framework for the entire learning plan. 

We already have android applications in our hand but the problem is we don't know how to upload any of them to Moodle .

Is it possible to upload android applications on Moodle platform?

Thank you in advance

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Mary Cooch
Re: Uploading android applications
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Hello Melake. Sorry I am not quite sure what you mean by "upload android applications onto Moodle platform" Do you mean using certain teaching/learning apps but from within Moodle? Perhaps if you can explain more then we can help you more. (I'm also wondering whether your question is more of a technical than a teaching one)

I presume by the way too that you have the official Moodle app?

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