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Auto assign of system role/permissions upon activity completion

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Auto assign of system role/permissions upon activity completion


I'm looking into the possibility of assigning a system role or set of permissions upon completion of an activity/series of activities/course. It may be as simple as having to watch a video first, so somehow tying into activity completion would probably make most sense.

The idea behind it would be staff training. Once a staff member has completed a specified training package, they would gain permission to add the particular activities (which they've completed training on) onto courses of which they are already have teacher role. (ie. "addition role name" added to existing "teacher" role within course - inherited from system context). Or perhaps gain elevated "teacher" permissions after completing certain training courses.

I realise that these roles/permissions could be assigned manually by an admin, which could be prompted by an email/notification saying that a particular user has completed something, but as I'm part of a small team with a large amount of teaching staff, it would be ideal if this entire process could be programmed to auto assign upon completion.

If anyone has any thoughts on this or where a good starting point would be, it'd be much appreciated. 

Moodle v3.0.

Thanks in Advance!

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