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Help with my media player!

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Help with my media player!

Hi Everyone!

I have a problem inside my video player, I need to remove the video download icon so that users can not download it. Attached is a screen shot of the icon that I need to remove. I comment that this only happens with the Google Chrome browser, I have tried it with Mozilla Firefox and this icon does not appear. Please if someone can support me or tell me how to hide or delete that icon.
The moodle version is 2.9

Best Regards! 

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Re: Help with my media player!
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Why do you want to remove the icon? Is it to stop people from being able to download the video, because that won't work - anyone with the slightest technical knowledge of browsers will still be able to get the URL of the video and download it directly.

If it is just to tidy up the interface a bit, then, apparently, changing the output HTML for the video player to have: 


as an attribute will remove it. I've not looked to see if this can be done without changing core code.

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