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Moving from paper-based courses

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Moving from paper-based courses


I am currently delivering a 20 week course that requires around 900 pieces of printed paper per student.

The way our course is set up is that the 900 pages consist of 5 modules, and a number of units within each module. The units are what we assess, however, within the module, students are unaware of what questions are assessed, and which  are not. 

Is it possible to use moodle as a digital booklet which has the same structure as our current paper-based modules? If so, how would this be achieved?

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Re: Moving from paper-based courses
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Yes, it is possible. One way would be to use a Moodle course with File or Folder resource to make pdf versions available for your students, so they can on demand print the paper version. It's not really the way to properly use Moodle, but it could be a start.

Also, you could consider using the Book resource, which allows for delivering content in chapters, much like a book or syllabus. 

Once you start using Test, Assignment, Wiki and maybe even H5P to add to this, you might end up with a really nice and well-designed course.

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