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Developing an Adaptive Module

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Developing an Adaptive Module

Hello everyone,

i hope someone can help me with a problem im having with Moodle Development.

I am currently starting to work on my master thesis about Adaptivity in eLearning and one idea was to develop a pluging that helps users navigate through given course content in moodle.

So the basic idea is to set up a small course with some few different topics and corresponding sub-topics and have other students browse through those on their own. Afterwards the plugin should use the log files generated during the first browsing session (and additionally some info about the users knowledge level via some sort of quiz) to generate recommendations on what topics and sub-topics they should examine next.

The problem is that im not sure how to go about developing such an extension for moodle. I have basic knowledge in php coding but the most practical work in that regard was developing some simple webpage with different mysql db interactions, so i dont have real experience in developing a plugin to a web system like moodle.
Ive already gone through several developer documents and small tutorials like these tutorials about how to create your own blocks 

and this one about how to create your own plugin

Still these did not quite help me figure out the next steps to developing my plugin.
For example one way to help with the navigation might be one or two buttons at the bottom of the currently viewed topic page that dynamically link to the respective topic pages id like to recommend to the current user, yet i couldnt figure out where to implement the code for such a button or where to implement the code for the algorithm that changes the buttons link depending on the given parameters.

The plugin doesnt need to be very pretty or elaborate as i dont even need it to be working with future upgrades of moodle or anything, its really just for testing during my master thesis.

Maybe someone can tell me  how to proceed here or where to find some more helpful tutorial or anything i havent found yet.
Or maybe im aiming to high here and the stuff im trying to achieve is actually too advanced for my basic knowledge?

My thanks in advance, i appreciate any tips you can give me.


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Re: Developing an Adaptive Module
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I would suggest having a look at the conditional access and completion tracking features and also the Lesson module as it sounds to me as if much of what you want to do can already be done through those, so it may be a case of taking existing features, cloning and customising them to your needs rather than fully writing a plugin from scratch.


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Re: Developing an Adaptive Module
Hello Daniel, I am also working on my degree project and I need to develop a new module (a new activity), I have searched for information and I have already become familiar with Moodle. I'm working with Moodle 2.7.

At first I need to do a questionnaire and then set up working groups. I am guiding the Questionnaire plugin, it is the one that comes closest to what I need, the problem is that I can not find a kitchen recipe that tells me step by step how to develop that module.

I have worked with the new module template, but I can not find a place where they clearly explain how to work with it. If anyone could tell me which way to go I would be grateful. A greeting.
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