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Large File Upload Fails

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Large File Upload Fails

I have created an assignment and students can upload videos to my assignment .  But whenever uploading file is more than 100MB I am getting an error regardless of the browser   : error connecting to the server 

error connecting  to server

POST call error in network is 

repository/repository_ajax.php?action=upload => Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

This is my php.ini file configration 

max_execution_time : 600

max_file_uploads : 20

post_max_size : 1000M

upload_max_filesize : 900M

memory_limit : 512M

What should I do ? 

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Re: Large File Upload Fails
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Moodle has its own settings as well. If you search for maxbytes you will find the settings. There are more than one depending on the activity and whatnot.
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