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Supporting course blocks in the Moodle Mobile

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Supporting course blocks in the Moodle Mobile
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Hello there,

I was presenting/attending at the last Moodle UK&Ireland Moodlemoot and some people asked me (in person and by twitter) about supporting blocks in the Moodle Mobile app.

Initially, we chose to not support blocks because we thought it would generate usability problems for students. There are several reasons:

  • Blocks are intended to display additional course information on the side of the page, in mobile apps with the screen size limitations we can't display them
  • We thought that a good course design should not rely on blocks
  • Some of the functionality provided by blocks is already supported in the app (like calendar events, badges, search, messages, private files, self completion)

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think we should support at least the HTML block?

Where would you add this new information in the app? A new option in the course main menu? In the sections list?

Thanks for you feedback

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