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K-12 Use of Moodle - Open Suggestions

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K-12 Use of Moodle - Open Suggestions
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Since there was some discussion earlier about how to better utilize Moodle with K-12 users I thought I would start an open discussion on tips, tricks, and strategies to better implement Moodle at the K-12 level.  

I'll start by sharing two things.  

At the elementary level we are using Moodle (which we call iLearn) to develop reading log alternatives.  In the story, anytime you see iLearn know that it is Moodle we are talking about.  Many times (as was my own experience with my kids) mandatory reading logs and time requirements actually had the opposite effect and kids who loved to read began to see it as a chore and fought against it.  This article looks at ways we can utilize the tools better to get the desired outcomes from students.


At the secondary level the high school social study teachers came together and in two days built an impressive review course for M-STEP testing.  Kind of a unique use of the quiz description they decided to embed additional information related to the topic for the student to "warm-up" before taking the actual quiz.  The warm-up has a variety of things such as quizlets, youtube videos, and other resources to help the student.  Then they take a quiz which is randomized to display 5 questions from a pool of 30.  Each time the student can practice to get a better score.  Each question also provides good feedback during the review to further enhance the learning. Since rolling this out a month ago we've had over 1,000 kids using the course. 


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