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Atto align image LEFT by default

Beto Boton
Atto align image LEFT by default


Moodle 3.2.1

Maybe this is something simple and I haven't grasped how to do it.

I would like to insert an image ALWAYS LEFT ALIGNED (default), and if I want something different I would change when uploading.

Currently it aligns "bottom". 

The fact is in a page with 12 images aligned left by changing the dropbox option while uploading, if I make any text editing on this page (or anywhere using ATTO) images revert to the default bottom position and I have to  edit again by double clicking on each image to set the drop down option to left. This is insane, 

The image shouldn't change at all from the set position unless it is deliberately Repositioned.

ANYONE with a magic trick to 

  1. Set default insert image LEFT aligned
  2. Disallow ATTO to change my formatting every time I edit some word

Thank you

Beto Boton


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