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looking for advice


I want to use moodle for middle school. Here is how the school is organised :

a class is a group of student (all in the same level)

a level (6th grade 7the grade 8th grade...) is a set of subject of that level (english maths, history...)

each subject of each level is divided into sub-subject (for maths: geometry, calculus...)

each sub-subject is divided into chapters (for geometry: triangles, circles...)

each chapter is divided into knowledge unit (for triangles: defintions, properties...)

This is how I think I will translate this organisation into moodle:

a class will be a cohort

a level would be a category or a meta-link course ?

a subject would be a sub-category or a meta-link course ?

a sub-subject would be a sub-category or a meta-link course ?

a knowledge unit would be an activity or a topic ?

regarding completion reports and grades books, I dont know what would be the best between meta-link courses and categories.

What hierachy would you recommand ?

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I don't know that this will help, but I can describe the way our site is set up using categories.

Our site has three main categories (Schools, Central Office, Help/Resources), with further sub-categories from there.

Schools, for instance, contains the categories Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools.

The High Schools category contains a separate category for each high school (14).

Each school's category contains a category for each major discipline, clubs, faculty resources, etc.

individual courses are housed in these last categories, so a high school biology class might be in Site > High Schools > ABC High School > Science > AP Biology - Smith.

This structure sort of evolved pretty quickly as we started using Moodle several years ago. It seems to work well for our students - they click through a path that is analogous to going to their school, finding the correct hall, then entering a specific class. After enrolling, the Dashboard makes it easy for a student to return to a course. Looking back, I'm sure that it could be much better. One example - we have around 50 elementary schools, so there are that many categories in the site named "Fourth Grade".

I haven't done much with cohorts, but I do add everyone with a teacher email address and the teacher role in any course to a cohort that is enrolled in a support course - and then use that support course's Announcements forum for system notices.


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