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"Learn Moodle August 2016" open data set now available!

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Re: "Learn Moodle August 2016" open data set now available!

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for your response! Much appreciated

My next questions are about completions and badges.

1. What criteria was used to mark users as Completed? I am trying to build a prediction algorithm that measures the risk of drop out/successful completion by each week of the course. 

I am trying to define a meaningful dependent variable to measure a completion. Can you provide any insight here?  

2. Also, there appear to be some discrepancies between data and the description. Badges table (mdl_badge_issued.csv) does not have badge names, only unique hash values. Which makes it impossible to see what type of badge students received. Is there a way to get these values?

Once again, thank you for you help.

P.S. I will be happy to share my results if you are interested.

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