Manual rating overrides automatic rating of competencies

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Manual rating overrides automatic rating of competencies

Hello there,

I have two issues with competencies that I hope have a workaround.

#issue 1: Automated competency using competency rule can only move from 'not completed' to completed' and not backwards.

I have a competency framework with a competency rule that e.g. 100 points need to be collected for completion of the competency. However, I decided I needed to change the points (e.g. happens when new comptencies are added), so the new total for completion is e.g. 120 points. However, I already received a "completed" status in my learning plan for achieving 100 points. The status does not automatically move back to 'not completed' because I now need 20 extra points. 

#issue 2: Manual set competency overrides automatic competency. No way to remove/reset manually set competency.

I have set my competency to "completed" manually but now wish to undo that so that it will again look into my competency rules in the competency framework and automatically award competency when I fulfill the requirements. This appears to be impossible however, as it is not possible to change manual rating to "no rating" and manual rating appears to override automatic rating. 

Hope you can help me with this? If these two features indeed do not exist yet in Moodle, can i request them somewhere?

Note: I am using Moodle 3.1.


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Re: Manual rating overrides automatic rating of competencies
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Hi Max,

A lot of questions smile. I guess the thought behind this is as following: you're competent or you're not. Unlike the badge awarding system in Moodle (where you can modify criteria based on which the system will award badges or retract them), the competencies don't allow for this. There's no going back on being competent. 

I guess the same goes for the second question: once a student receives a competency rating, the only way to delete or undo it, is to remove the competency (framework) altogether.

As for the requesting of features, this can be done in the Tracker. Make an account, find the Competencies bit under the Moodle project, rate or follow at least 4 tracker issues to prove you're a human being and you can request these features to be added. This is however subject to peer review and comments from the Moodle (dev) community, so there's no garantee the features will be added.

IMHO, I doubt these features you described have any added value, but that's only my take on the subject.

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