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Which Moodle logs to use in education research?

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I am interested in your research interest and your inquiry about the use of Moodle in previous research work. I f this will help you, there are a number of scholarly work available in institutional data bases on studies done that used Moodle as technology applications to predict user acceptance of the technology. Yu may want to explore those data bases.

As in my case I am doing my PHD and my interest is to use Moodle as a technology that my participants can learn following which to complete a questionnaire that predicts their intention to use a future Moodle application. I am looking to see how I can get permission and tutorial that can facilitate me as a researcher to provide instruction to the participants prior to such survey. My study is a quantitative study that uses correlational design. I am using the technology acceptance model (TAM) for such exploration. Please advise or provide men any insight you may have.


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