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Using Moodle for a Weight Training Class

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Using Moodle for a Weight Training Class

Hi all, 

I am an instructor at a local community college.  I like to use moodle for my course.  The class that I'm teaching is a weight training class.  I would like my students to be able to easily record their workouts using moodle mobile.  I am wondering if anyone has done something similar to this and how I may be able to do this.

I tried setting this up on my own.  I thought using the "feedback" activity would allow my students to submit their workout results easily; however, I discovered that the mobile app version doesn't support the feedback activity yet.  Anyone has suggestions for me?

Thank you,


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Mary Cooch
Re: Using Moodle for a Weight Training Class
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Why not use an assignment of the online text type? Perhaps if you can say more precisely what form the workout results take we can then make suggestions?

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