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Moodle / Joomla , Joomla/moodle or Moodle Standalone

Arasp Kazemian
Re: Moodle / Joomla , Joomla/moodle or Moodle Standalone

Yes, This is what I was thinking myself. 

I have been using Joomdle for years. Thanks for introducing the themes. 

however moodle App is very important with me. I know users will have no problem using a responsive layout but using an app has its own advantages, like Push Notifications and much more. (because I also want to connect Adobe Connect for the online classes which is an application too)

I think with these infrastructre we may bring more facilities to users. After ten years of working with Joomla and Moodle, I should confess that Moodle registration is much more robust and powerful comparing joomla. 

Joomla will be quite buggy after we install different components and plugins on it. 

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